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"... Levitas' Concerto was a celebration of sounds rarely heard in concert halls..." 
Jerusalem Post
Eugene Levitas


  Critically acclaimed composer and IMA (Independent Music Awards) winner Eugene Levitas
belongs to a new generation of composers. He is fluent in the diverse languages of classical,
contemporary, jazz, electronic and even pop/rock music. Eugene's compositions and
arrangements can be heard in concert halls, CD recordings, theaters and on television.

  Levitas' concert music has been performed by many leading orchestras and artists
including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Württemberg
Chamber Orchestra of Heilbronn, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Arena Di Verona
Orchestra, Chen Zimbalista, Yuri Bashmet and Moscow Soloists, Alex and Daniel Gurfinkel, Sharon Rostorf-Zamir and many others. Since 2019, Levitas serves as composer in residence of the Israel NK Orchestra. Jerusalem Post wrote about some of his concert: "... Levitas' Concerto
was a celebration of sounds rarely heard in concert halls..."

  As a film composer, Levitas scored acclaimed documentaries such as:"Human Factor"

by Oscar nominated director Dror Moreh, "Rescue Helicopters" (Gold Award in the Houston International Film Festival) directed by Elan Frank for National Geographic, "Star Trek - The Next Generation" trailer for Star World TV, "A Tramway in Jerusalem" by Amos Gitai and many

  As Arranger Eugene Levitas has been involved in many multi platinum and gold
records by leading Israeli artists such as Rita, Shlomo Artzi and Rami Kleinstein.

His orchestra arrangements has been  regularly performed by biggest Israeli artists such as

Shlomi Shaban, Avishai Cohen, Shalom Hanoch, Chava Alberstein and many more...

  Ruth Gutman Ben-Zvi (regular contributor to the "HaTzofe") wrote: "... Levitas not only
have a charm ..., but knowledge and rhythmical / melodic gift to compose modern, daring
and beautiful music."

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